Saturday, December 19, 2009

8 Japanese Knot Bags all in a row

This is my final instalment as a maker in preparation for the Christmas season. Three of these bags are already spoken for! They are perfect for the forgetful among us including myself in this happy group. I can testify to the fact that it is pretty difficult to loose one of these although not impossible! If you can see the larger strap slips into the smaller strap forming a knot it rests comfortably on your wrist while your two hands are free to unlock doors, use toilets without letting your bag touch the ground (a little practice required!) shop in the sales whipping through those racks using your two hands without having to put your bag down. In fact I used one of these trusty bags at both Christmas markets I attended in Boyle and Sligo. A BIG THANK YOU ! to all those people who stopped by my stall and bought quilts,bags, dolls, notebooks and cards. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS THIS CHRISTMAS SEASON.
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Friday, December 4, 2009

Happiness in the heart dolls

These 2 girls are ready to rock at the Christmas market this weekend! Must stop making and start packing and labelling. I gave both of them a scarf to keep them warm - the orange fleece one has cute little angel wings and bells for a festive feel!

Happiness in the heart is a unique handmade cloth doll designed to give you happiness in your heart. When you receive a happiness in the heart doll you think about what makes you happy and name the doll after this thought. The dolls are also great dancers and will entertain you with their ' cough funky moves! These girls are always content being admired as well (gives them an ego boost!). Happiness in the heart are designed for everyone including humans! Happiness in the heart is an original design by yours truly Breda Redfen aka Curlyrip!

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

To Market To Market Christmas Cards

This is a selection of some of the christmas cards I have been making in preperation for Christmas Market in The Clarion Hotel in Sligo 12-6pm 5th and 6th December. Busily making other items hopefully will have ready in time for this weekend!

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Boy doll Comlpete

This boy doll is an updated version of the 1st boy doll I made a few weeks ago. Dressed for the winter season with a cuddly scarf and bright yellow boots to keep his toes toasty warm this boy doll is off to Dublin via Dromahair a pal for Lucy Lou. Bon Voyage!
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Birthday Gift for Arty Sister

Really pleased with how this turned out in spite of the fact that each time I tried to rotary cut the satin it somehow got stuck into the cutting mat pulling threads as I prized it free. I am almost a week late but Anna-Marie you will be the same age all year! happy benifit of this you can party anytime to celebrate (note to self next time we meet must party) the occasion, so it figures that if you get the present there before the years done its ok! Well thats my story anyway.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Comission complete! Butterfly Parade Quilt

With the help of the Quilt Quine in Aberdeen, who did a super job on the machine quilting it is finally complete! will be dropping off later today. Thanks Linzi ! Linzi is a fantastic teacher and machine quilter and I spent a great 2 days with Linzi and her lovely family in Aberdeen recently
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Boy Quankies

This has been a week for boy themed projects these quankies were made to suit. Now that I have these made I think the fabric with the car graphic would totally work for added umph! on boy doll Joshua's jacket. The little fish fabric was from my stash and used in a quilt project in the hawkesbury valley, Wisemansferry Australia that was some time ago oh the memories, warm weather, sun baking ....... realise have become attached to the fabric but must reduce stash and learn to let go.....

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Joshua Boy Doll!

This is a boy doll I have been working on ( special request) he has electric blue eyes, stitched mouth , rosy cheeks and a sown in purple star shirt a fleece jacket and denim jeans made from old jeans i had lying around. I think his blue fleece jacket needs a little jazzing up! His hair is black and white and a little loopy!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Could this be Leitrim's first being space!

This Saturday i whiled away a glorious few hours at Jemima's Cafe and Gifts in Manorhamilton. Perched right in front of the ruins of Manorhamilton Castle it really is an idyllic spot. Three sisters Cerian, Jemima and Harriot have joined forces and opened a cafe, community market space/Gift shop and Art Studio! Jemima runs the Cafe, Cerian the Vintage clothing and gifts and on top of all that Cerian makes clothes! Harriet does the cutest yet edgy mixed media works, a floor to ceiling example is on display downstairs in the cafe. Cerians side of the business is called Little Blue Cottage the web site is under construction The thing I totally enjoyed about the place was the completely relaxed atmosphere: downstairs in the cafe there are comfy couches to chill out on and the stone building oozes charm while upstairs there is Cerian's sewing room and the community market/gift shop space. I have set up a spot in the community market space and have my quilts on display and if you fossick around downstairs you will find a few of my "Happiness in the heart" dolls and a Quankie on display. While I was there people floated in and out with children, without children some for a chat, some to lend a hand, try on clothes and others to eat or simply have a look. It has all the ingredients of a being space not just a cafe. Photos to come. I will be there next Friday from midday till 2pm so if you want to met your maker! oops the maker, I am a maker and I'll be there soaking up the atmosphere!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Topsy Turvy House Patchwork Quilted top + Blankie = Quankie!

Thursday has arrived and the top is done! all that remains is the quilting and backing even though Thursday is not done yet...... but dinner is calling, will have to finish on the weekend that is tomorrow. I put cupla focal gailge at the bottom roughly translated means lovely girl.

Posted by PicasaFriday this Quankie is now done, backed with a hot pink fleece, hanging sleeve, boxed and ready to go. I used left over scraps to decorate the outside of the box. The box is a standard size document box so it can be used for all those documents you might like to store away. Have box will travel! This Quankie is on its way to dublin with Karen a gift for Emily Rose

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Crafty Market Dublin

Went to my first market in Dublin yesterday it could not have been nicer really chilled and i met lots of crafter's like myself who were so encouraging and helpful. The editor of the magazine Prudence was there and we had a good old chat turns out she is a Tipperary woman too there is a write up on the prudence talks blog about the crafty market. Pleased as punch that curlyrip got a mention! have a look at . My only regret is that my camera was on the blink! so no juicy photos but Louise crafty market organiser took some so all is well. This week have to get a special order done. Pink and lavender theme with tipsy house its a cot size quankie better get cracking setting my completion date at Thursday!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

finished Doll today!

Enjoyed bringing this doll to completion. The feather keep your shoulders warm wrap (shrug! not sure what its called) really does the trick it was part of a little shawl my youngest enjoyed wearing and has grown out of repurposed! is the the correct term i believe.

Made a few more of these dolls and the name has arrived! I have decided to call them "Happiness in the Heart" as i was making them, could not help but fell happy each time one came together.

Monday, September 7, 2009

removed myself as follower of self!

At last was able to find a really clever person to help me remove myself as follower of self what a relief and a whopping great thanks to Karl
And the good news is this quilt won 1st prize at the local Beltra agricultural show September 6th! Yeah for Breda!