Saturday, July 31, 2010

Beltra Markets Photos Galore

I have been promising myself to take a few photos of the Beltra Market for quit some time now .... finally today It happened !

Friday, July 30, 2010

Little Miss sock doll & Native Irish wood clock

One Thursday a week or two ago we all went on a day out to Galway and while there I visited one of my favourite shops its called they have supplies of fabric, yarn and an eclectic mix of Kitchy Gifts which are right up my alley I cannot leave this shop without a purchase or two !

The little Miss is a project from a book I bought at Pippa blue called Stray Sock sewing two by Daniel. Little Miss turned out a treat. I also bought a slightly mad looking Teddy Bear Brooch and I could not leave without a bundle of fat Quarters featuring polka dots, all that and I got a discount to booth ! Little Miss is standing by a Native Irish wood clock made by Martin Wilson a local wood turner from Skreen I bought the clock last week at Beltra Markets it was a total bargain at €25. Now that I have got my spending frenzy off my chest its back to serious making for a week or two.

Girly sock monkeys

Had a request for girly sock monkey and this is the result ! The one with the blue heart has already found a home. The crochet heart is from Annie from Waterford on etsy she has some great applique items ! Also the heart appears on a birth date greeting/gift card I designed to accompany a quilt I made recently.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Original Stitch i pad slipcase

This is my first attempt at the i pad slipcase a pattern from original stitch. I have used old shirt sleeves, part of a pair of old jeans also used in another project, mattress ticking fabric from old couch cover, anchor fabric gifted to me by my mother in law and various scraps from my rather bulging scrap pile.

Not too sure about the pocket, too flashy maybe. I have a pepe le phew tie which I have been coveting for a while but cannot find it at the moment .... this old tie might be just the thing for the pocket detail.

Haven't located the tie as of yet. This my 2nd effort and the brief was to make a ladies slipcase in heritage lavender to order. This one got the whole treatment, logo from original stitch attached at back and gift wrapped. Posted ! Lets hope it fits the bill.

Mission Water Saftey 1&2 Certificate and swim 5 accomplished!

Last Sunday we 4 Ciara, Cillian, Ellen and somewhat reluctant Mom signed up for water safety training at Aughris pier. We completed the course this Friday.
There was rain, sun, sparkling days, gloomy windy days but we all surprisingly swam our way through it !

There are a few photos of the pier below one on sunny day and another on not so sunny day.

We learned how to do a non contact rescue and also expanded our repertoire of swimming strokes all up I have to say it was a wonderfully challenging experience !

Another Saturday Another Sucessful Beltra Market!

It was all there today cakes, flowers, raspberry vinegar, soft cheese, hummus felafel's etc bread and cakes of every make shape and form in season veg to beat the band and of course the crafters.
Myself and others took turns to play checkout chicks and in spite of the fact we were on the tills we still managed to spent up a storm, all staying well within our budgets I might add !
Here is a few photos of the craft corner, my girls took them so they mainly feature my stuff but there is some work from other crafters visable ! duck eggs fresh from the farm, felted booties and wacky yet adorable felted hats ..... must get some better photos next week to showcase all the wonderful fresh produce and crafts on display, but these will have to suffice for now.

Friday, July 16, 2010

More sock Monkeys !

Run out of socks so i will have to stop making sock monkeys for a while... at least. Below are the final 2 from my 5 sock monkey run !
Back to making quilts this week will be working on a one with a celticish looking man in boat with some Irish words theme.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sock Monkey

I know, I know should have been finishing off my current quilt top ... but when I saw the sock monkey project in the current issue of Sew Hip magazine I could'nt resist. I am already thinking of my next sock monkey. Next time I am going to use socks made from sustainably farmed bamboo which has naturally occuring antibacterial qualities. Who would have known that a pair of socks could offer such possibilities !

Friday, July 2, 2010

Dr Woff & Mr Hyde Quilt Top

Nautical but Nice ! The matching quilt top for Dr Woof and Mr Hyde is coming together. This first one will be for our newest nephew Fergal. Nearly there binding, backing, quilting and all will be done.