Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finishing Friday on Thursday Squares a lot !

Tomorrow is a training day at the CEIM program for me so Thurs  is my finishing Friday this week if you know what I mean.  This little wonky square eyed toy is called "Squares a lot". I have been mulling over in my head pieced eyes and mouth instead of crochet and felt eyes for the matching quankie soft toy.  Today being finishing Friday on Thursday !! and all this idea had to be finished one way or another. The first step was to piece the eyes.    Once the eyes were made the rest just fell into place.  At first the arms and legs were much longer ... one simple solution later known as tie a knot in it ! The arm and legs were in proportion.  "Squares a lot" fits nicely into the pocket at the back of the Quankie and "Squares a lot" likes nothing better than striking a pose for the camera.  Might make a few adjustments to the design but overall quite pleased with the result.  What do you think ?

The weather is super sunny at the moment have a great weekend here's hoping the sun shines on you where ever you maybe.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Workshops Keadue Finished

There was plenty of prep to do Saturday and Sunday last for our final workshop in Keadue today .... below are all the quilts and sock monkeys stacked and ready for the workshop today.

We had a lot to get through to finish our quilt and sock monkey but am delighted to say that the group all got stuck in and we finished every ones quilt and sock monkey today !  Phew it was a lot of work but fun. Luckily Gabrielle my friend was able to come along as an extra pair of hands.  Below are photos of all the participants and their creations.

Happy to say that everyone enjoyed the workshops and are all bonding very well with their monkeys !! ... Two of the women added their own personal twist to the monkey design and added their own crochet eyes and another Lady completely changed the look of her toy by embroidering a face,adding safety eyes and losing the tail .... it looked  just like a little boy/man. Way to go Maureen and Mai !

Thanks to the Manager Julie lady in black ! and all the staff for supplying us with cups of tea and encouragement along the way and a big thanks to all the participants who were a pleasure to work with.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Finishing Friday is all about St Patricks Day Parade in Sligo

The Irish Girl Guides are celebrating 100 years this year GO THE GIRL GUIDES

Playing catch up today due to festivie overload from yesterday can now predict that will be unable to actually finish anything today !!  We were up bright and early yesterday to attend the Parade in Sligo - both Ciara and Ellen were with the Girl Guides.  Above are a few random shots of the day.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Finishing Friday Seagull Print

As with all fabric hoarders ..... saw this seagull print from Makower and at the time had to have it .... now a year or so later its really come into its own and looks great in this simple quilt combined with bright orange, grey and blue from Rowan, Moda and Fabric Freedom.  There is a super cuddly orange fleece on the back ... cuddle ability guaranteed on this Quankie !!  and its sold ... It turned out so well there are a few more in the pipeline.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Show me the way to Amaryllis !!

These Amaryllis bulbs are in full flower right now and just had to take a photo to share their awesomeness !!

Managed to get all 9 kits ready 4 workshops and happy to say all going well ... 2 more workshops to go ... our goal is to finish a quankie in three sessions and a sock monkey a bit ambitious I know me thinks will be burning the midnight oil in two weeks time to finish the project will post some pics of the finished items.  Below is one of the kits workshop ready .... pinned and ready to go!!

Last week I posted about an orange blue and grey quankie I was fixing to make did not have all the necessary fabrics then ... the good news is now I have picked up the last one a pebble like slate grey one at The Crafters Basket .  Below is the work in progress.  The light is not good in the photo but the bright orange really helps the tiny orange detail in the flying seagull print pop.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Finishing Friday say hello to the green spotted sock monkey !

This was a busy week.  Meet with a lovely group of women who all want to make a quankie so this Monday will be starting the process .... with our first 2 hour workshop.  In the mean time another sock monkey has evolved ... this guy is totally infant friendly with super cuddly apple green arms, tail and wool mix eyes embroidered in turquoise blue cotton thread ... just finished in time for Friday Yay !! How about that blue sky it really charges my battery ... its off to the cutting table for me to prepare quilt kits and the necessary materials for workshop on Monday ... may have to go outside and gaze at the sky several times to keep the energy flowing !!  So if you happen to pass by an spy a woman out standing in her own field that's just me I'm working !!