Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Show me the way to Amaryllis !!

These Amaryllis bulbs are in full flower right now and just had to take a photo to share their awesomeness !!

Managed to get all 9 kits ready 4 workshops and happy to say all going well ... 2 more workshops to go ... our goal is to finish a quankie in three sessions and a sock monkey a bit ambitious I know me thinks will be burning the midnight oil in two weeks time to finish the project will post some pics of the finished items.  Below is one of the kits workshop ready .... pinned and ready to go!!

Last week I posted about an orange blue and grey quankie I was fixing to make did not have all the necessary fabrics then ... the good news is now I have picked up the last one a pebble like slate grey one at The Crafters Basket .  Below is the work in progress.  The light is not good in the photo but the bright orange really helps the tiny orange detail in the flying seagull print pop.

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