Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another day Another Duck Theme Quilt

In this one decided to use one of the fabric flowers as an applique feature in the far corner and it blends in quite well ..

Organising my stash of fabric has been on the 2 do list for quite a while so today I have measured and put a price on 10 prints of varying sizes and they will be for sale in my studio at Collooney next week ... that's if I can steel myself to bring them in ! Or fabric swap anyone ?

Cannot help myself lusting after cute Japanese prints where you can browse tons of super cuteness :D

Friday, April 22, 2011

Finishing Good Friday and Pier Jumping !

The weather has been so unbelievably sunny for the past few days we had to go to the local pier to test the waters verdict minty fresh and oh so invigorating!!

Back to work and my first custom quankie is done it is destined for a 2 year old little girl who loves ducks

This flower is a thank you for a friend

All 12 fabric flowers ready for tables at the Gourmet Parlour downstairs

The rusty letters for my Studio sign arrived yesterday and have to say they are just as I was hoping.  Can't wait to get it up on the wall on the to do list 4 this week.

Hope the sun stays with you this holiday weekend !!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fabric Pinwheel flowers Finished !

The brief was to make a flower that could be washed hmm.... several days later and the pinwheel flower is finished it can be taken apart due to the amazing powers of strategically placed Velcro and popped in the washing machine for minty freshness !!! if you so wish.  Four layers of fabric and textile materials give these flowers plenty of substance.  Now its onto the next flower bud\tulip shape.  Looks like a sunny one this weekend happy sunshine thoughts.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Made it Studio 1st custom Doll order

This little happiness in the heart is a very special gift from a loving Godmother. This is the first Happiness in the Heart to be completed at my Made it Studio ! in The Village food Fare. So I had to take her on tour Maggie kindly posed for a photo op with this little lady who is personalised with a label reading "Irish girls give our hearts wings and become their own warrior queens " Go the Warrior Queens !!! Also Good luck Gilligan Meats and to Maggie who will be at the Green Leader Awards and The Ulster Bank Business Acheivers Awards in the next few days ...bring the awards home we are routing for you and we want to see pics of you in your special awards gĂșna !! (Irish for dress/frock)

There are no shortage of strong independent women to emulate from ancient Irish culture. Who is your favourite role model from ancient Irish Culture ?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stray Sock sewing on Sunday

RaOOWL this little guy is a sock toy from a book Stray Sock sewing too by Daniel . Got this book at Pippablue in Galway and just never got around to making anything from it other than Miss Mini but my girls wanted to have a go at 2 of the basic toys from the book and here are the results ! We call the owl RaoOWL and the fantastic flying frog !! The pictures and instructions are great in this book and the photos of all the sock toys are a pleasure to peruse.

Tomorrow will up to me ears in Bears in Cavan visiting Anke at Bearessentials-really looking forward to the visit.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sign for my Studio at Colloney WIP

Spent all day working and chatting to visitors at my studio in The Village Food Fare Colloney have to say "shobby du wah its all good".  Spent quite a while -in between chats that is- random piecing a sign for the studio Curly is done Rip will have to wait till next week .... had to make the rrrrgh twice !  The first R was just too skinny but the 2nd effort is just right I hope you agree.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Finishing Friday - New Studio/ Workspace

Finishing Friday ... Managed to finish setting up the furniture in my new studio workspace and finish a sock monkey with some help from my friend Sylvia who dropped by and Jacquie who arrived just in time to help me display one of my bigger quilts .. thanks heaps ! and the chat was good too ;D Only thing is eventhough there are some photos I misplaced my card thingy to download from the camera to my picture editor so no photos till tomorrow. Till tomorrow !

Monday, April 4, 2011

From Chaos to a Workspace at Colloney

I am delighted and excited to have moved from home to a workspace in Colloney on the N4 at the Colloney roundabout. The Village Food Fair follow this link to their Facebook page. Downstairs you will find delicious food and coffee at the Gourmet Parlour and if its meat straight from the farm to the fork you are after have a look at Gilligan Meats . Looking forward to working my way through the menu at the Gourmet Parlour tried the lamb pie with side salads so far verdict yum !! and the Chicken gujons from Gilligan meats are a big hit with the kids and great value. I am upstairs there is great light ..... all alone at the moment but looking forward to the company of other great handcrafted items and crafty types in the coming weeks.



Having the extra space really helps with the getting things done conundrum .... finished these two gnome sock monkeys and if you notice I was able to use the eyes Mai from the Keadue workshop crochet for me as a gift .... thanks Mai they really work for this garden loving gnome sock monkey.
Of course you cannot have one gnome without another.
Who has got their hand in the cookie Jar !! Humalings enjoy the mischievous fun loving nature of sock monkeys
Below the chaos that was

Friday, April 1, 2011

Finishing Friday Spring Flowers

Its been a busy week and Friday kinda snuck up on me !!  Today I finished two quankies and a fabric flower design been working on .... just a pinwheel to go and two sock monkeys !!  Better get a move on !!  Its a windy day here just the ticket to clear the cobwebs from the ole brain.