Monday, April 4, 2011

From Chaos to a Workspace at Colloney

I am delighted and excited to have moved from home to a workspace in Colloney on the N4 at the Colloney roundabout. The Village Food Fair follow this link to their Facebook page. Downstairs you will find delicious food and coffee at the Gourmet Parlour and if its meat straight from the farm to the fork you are after have a look at Gilligan Meats . Looking forward to working my way through the menu at the Gourmet Parlour tried the lamb pie with side salads so far verdict yum !! and the Chicken gujons from Gilligan meats are a big hit with the kids and great value. I am upstairs there is great light ..... all alone at the moment but looking forward to the company of other great handcrafted items and crafty types in the coming weeks.



Having the extra space really helps with the getting things done conundrum .... finished these two gnome sock monkeys and if you notice I was able to use the eyes Mai from the Keadue workshop crochet for me as a gift .... thanks Mai they really work for this garden loving gnome sock monkey.
Of course you cannot have one gnome without another.
Who has got their hand in the cookie Jar !! Humalings enjoy the mischievous fun loving nature of sock monkeys
Below the chaos that was


  1. Greetings from USA! Your blog is really cool.
    Are you living in Ireland?
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  2. Thank you greetings from USA !! yes I do live in Ireland greetings from a very windy Sligo. I am glad you dropped by my blog and thanks for the invite look forward to visiting you at usstamps :)