Friday, February 25, 2011

Finishing Friday Fur and Stuff !

This week finally saw the making of a larger Humaling and a little matching Quankie with sleeping blanket at the back to put your Humaling to sleep. Above some photos of colour choices the completed quilt and the Humaling. This Humaling is not grounded in a Human Value yet any suggestions out there ?

Another colour combination grey, blue and orange sounds unlikely but I think it looks pretty good need a few more colours to get this to work in a quankie .... hopefully by next week will have added a few more colours to he mix .... need six really to get enough variety for a quilt ... two more to go !

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tobergal Lane Sligo stocks Curlyrip Quilts and Humalings

Happy to report that you can now see several of my handmade quilts toys etc for sale in Tobergal lane Cafe Sligo town .  Tobergal lane are about the only place in Sligo to get Tapas and very nice they are too !!  If Tapas are not your thing there is plenty to choose from.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fishy tidings from Beltra Country Markets

Directly above collage features a sampling of handmade items up cycled jumper hats, hand dyed silk scarfs,quilts. socks, booties the list goes on .....
Top collage features Yummy edibles,snowdrops and new comer rabbit pie maker !!!

Above a sample of the signage around the hall also a shot featuring our lovely volunteer checkout chicks and the market mascot "green pea fairy" aka adorable little one with a pea green hat !!

Above the scene outside and of course our wonderful customers without whom there is no market enjoying a good browse and natter on a Saturday morning sure what else would you be doing !!

All up another successful day at the country markets in Beltra. Its been a while since I took some photos so this is why so many resulting in collage blitz !!! Hope you liked !

Don't forget starting next Saturday 26th of February there will be fresh fish available.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Finishing Friday

This week has been one of swine flu and sewing blocks upside down  !  maybe confusion is one of he symptoms would not be surprised because this flu just about covers everything !! ... headaches, pain in body, vomiting,coughing, swinging temps etc etc.  Happy to report family on the mend. 

This is a matching teddy crazy hug for a quilt I made last year has been on the to do list quite a while now. 

Had a little experiment with using mainly solids with a focus print Alexander Henry's traffic jam print to be precise.  Fresh modern quilting for me is about colours, doing more with less and improvised piecing.  This is a quickly pieced pattern and mainly I wanted to play with colour in a way that is different for me there are 3 tones of blue with another 2 colours and a focus print there are 6 different fabrics.  Above are the sashings in different arrangements two have colours that are the same touching and one none of the colours touch.  Can you spot he difference ?  Also luckily noticed had sewn one of the car blocks upside down !

The arrangement with no colours touching won out in the end  and above is the finished item !

Monday, February 14, 2011

Contemporary Quilting & Free Patterns on the web

I love all things to do with modern contemporary quilting and I came across a blog well worth checking out if contemporary quilting is our thing its called contemporary quilting with Alison and no only does Alison write super books about stack the deck quilting, her own unique technique but there is also a post with links to lots of free patterns on the web. Follow any of the links above and you will also find Alisons books listed there they are for sale on amazon. I have added them to my wish list for 2011 .... hmm which one will I get first ?

Friday, February 11, 2011

CEIM Training with Jhonny Beirne

Another successful training session at Sligo IT today with the CEIM program courtesy of trainer Jhonny Beirne. Wow what a lot to take in !! But I did learn something because the button for the Humaling twitter widget is sitting here to the left !!! had no idea till today how to do this and Facebook is looking a lot less daunting.

Johnny Beirne is responsible for my new found abilities thank you ! lets hope my dory fish like brain does not forget all the wonderful things we learned today. Click on the link above and check out Jhonnys site and you too may be amazed by your social media talents !! Changed layout what do you think ?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Finishing Friday Snowdrops, Lambs and Humalings Harbingers of Spring

Say hello to Humalings new coat, its Lambing season. Have been mulling and thinking about a coat for The Humalings but over thinking and procrastination took over .... oh the tyranny of over thinking. Thank you finishing Friday finally the coat has made it from imagination to creation. See how Humaling Liberty escaped to the garden where the snowdrops are gently heralding the beginning of spring go snowdrops !!! we so need spring.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Finishing Friday is here Again !!!

I know its actually thursday !!! its good to be a day ahead of yourself never know when it will come in handy. This Pirate quilt has been sitting on my design wall since just before Christmas. The focus fabric is the skull fabric. The skull night sky is lit up by two vibrant red and blue star bursts. Have to say it was a challenge for me to work with so much black but tried to balance that with plenty vibrant reds and blues to keep the bright fun factor hope that comes through. I used improvised piecing to make the star bursts, moon and pirate boat. The bandanna fabric for quite sometime now and finally it has found a home, pretty pleased about that. There is a matching boat made with the left over fabric scraps. The quilt is backed in a blue luxurious fleece I have christened these type of quilts Quankies because they are Quilt like on the front and fleece blanket on the back ..... a combination of a quilt and blankie = Quankie. Also very useful when feeling cranky !! cheesy I know but it rhymes. Do you think this quilt would fit the bill for a pirate loving swashbuckler or too scary and dark ?