Thursday, October 21, 2010

Humaling Doll Peace

Introducing Humaling Peace. This guy loves climbing the log pile of Hope !! The higher the better.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Its the Humaling Making Season!

Been busy Humaling making hope the results are pleasing to some. I have been looking for a suitable way to package these Dolls if they ever leave home ! In the past they have left in recycled glass jars but as they keep changing slightly in height and width ! I was having a hard time finding a jar to fit, even bought a quantity of jars in IKEA but alas they just did not fit ! Then moved on to Kilner jars with the tin lids they look lovely but not suitable to post. Cup cake boxes will they be the solution ... not sure have to get my hands on some first. Anyway here is Humaling Joy completed today. Will have to get back to box hunting tomorrow.
Just a random thought tap into the power of your human potential that's what Humalings are about. I have recently commenced a business development program Céim (literal translation first steps) run jointly between Sligo IT and Letterkenny IT one of our first sessions involved attending a Business start up Boot Camp 1 day event delivered by Doug Richards What did I get from the event ?
The smell of fear !! My own that is !
Doug Richards shoots from the hip and does not suffer fools lightly
All that aside it was both helpful and not that pleasant at the same time if that is possible. I guess the old maxim 1% inspiration 99% perspiration was illustrated very well.
The nugget I took from the day was I need to work on my Elevator Pitch ! What is an Elevator pitch you might ask and are you in for a spectacular lack/drop in sales if you get it wrong ! There are three types the one you tell friends and family when they ask you what you do, 2nd what you tell people who want to buy what you make and 3rd the one you use with large department stores who want to stock your handmade item (OH sweet dream)
"Humalings help you tap into the power of our Human Potential" This line is destined to appear somewhere in my Elevator pitch i.e. What I tell people when explaining what it is I do.
Also Doug mentioned Whimsy phew finally something I get or got depending on which way you look at things.
What I really liked was the way Doug provided sound advise on the spot to people who had questions about their paticular business very pratical and exactly what you would expect to find at an event like this. There was also a Business man from Donegal past pupil of the school for startups who gave a presentation and it was really encouraging to hear how he had implemented the advise Doug had given with possitive results
Thats all the lowdown on the school for startups will share items of intrest from the Céim programme as they happen.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Humaling line up in Garden

Yes their feet have touched the ground and the values are ...... Resolve for the one with a snowflake button on its hat and Liberty for the other with the cheeky monkey hat.

What a great day ! Sunshine all the way. Had to take these out in the garden. There are two new Humalings in the line up created today. The brown swirly Humalings could easily be brother and sister. Guess which one is the boy and which a girl. Even though the sunshine is super there is still a nip in the air so its hats all round for our newly created Humalings. One is sporting super cuddly fleece chocolate brown wings and the other has wings made of cotton batting and fun pink polka dot. So the final line up is Optimism, Team Spirit, Joy, Resolve and Liberty !

Monday, October 11, 2010

Humaling Joy

This little Humaling is grounded in the human value Joy. Time for warm hats and winter wollies is fast approaching and this little "human angel thing" aka Humaling has just the Hat to keep warm & with a bell on top will be very easy to find when fliting about. Each new day brings a new Humaling ! Below are some photos before hat and after hat. There is also a little pocket hidden under the crochet flower detail on the wings.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happiness Sitting Boots & Humaling

Where is the year going ! Cannot believe another month has passed and a new one arrived since my last post. Happiness has boots ... due to the arrival of extra thick felt recently I was able to make boots for happiness with little rabbit detail on the toes. Also a matching Humaling - Team Spirit. Next on my list of things to do has to be tidy up my work area its gone to hell !! Took some photos but am too ashamed to post them at present will save them for a before and after a mega tidy up post on my work space ... Coming soon !! The chocolate brown Humaling Optimism looks like it would be right at home in the woods and has a little crochet heart on the wings, which also can be used as a pocket .. write a sweet thought and keep it there or put a little chocolate heart in there as a sweet treat yum!!