Saturday, August 27, 2011

A few new Pin cushion Cupcakes

These little cupcakes presented quite a design challenge but happy to say the learning curve is done and happy to say they are made and ready for two sewing girls as part of their back to school sewing kit there is a little glass fish bead and topped off with hand felted stars and polka dot ball !

This pink themed is all ready for Kate just born on Thursday happy Birth day !

This note book cover with a zippered inside pocket is a work in progress - need to add a strap and it is possible to put your phone in as well needs some more tweaking but getting there.  Actually on reflection its looking more like a wallet with notebook potential !

Two new Teddy Crazy Hugs join the family here at the Studio in Collooney will be adding pink colour themed Crazy hugs soon

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Staggering Quilts and Gift Monster

At first the pink was not my favourite but now I cannot decide.  How about the cute wood button eyes !!  Stay tuned more monsters in the making with these cute wood button eyes

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fabric Pinwheel Flowers

This crop just freshly picked and sewn !! at the studio here in Collooney my personal  favourite are group A which group is your favourite ?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Final Saturday Workshop

This Saturday 4 very crafty girls and boy made owls,elephants and birds at our last workshop for July.  As you can see some of the owls became necklaces and Eryin Jade added her birds to bunting already completed the week before.  It was pleasure to make with this enthusiastic bunch.  I think you will agree that their creations are uber cute and just because they all got a free tub of Linnalla Pure Irish  ice-cream (now available downstairs at Gilligans Meats) as a special thank you from Curlyrip for all their creative efforts YUM and well done !!  They also took home a buttonbag kit with all materials and instructions to make more at home for their friends and family YAH !

Now it is time to plan for some more workshops so August will be all planning and making time for Curlyrip new workshops will begin in Mid September.

Crazy Hug for Séan & Gift Monster Greetings !

This Crazy Hug is on its way to Limerick via Tipperary to a very special boy for his Birthday.

When you unzip a Gift Monster it now has a greeting inside !  We are working on some quirky but fun phrases to use as greetings at the moment- so more to come but for now our greeting reads ... Monster greetings little Human Earthling !!  a little welcome monstorology. 

PS The wood and reed boats in the photos are made by a very talented man called Francis and now available in the Roundabout gallery here beside me in Collooney.  These Gift Monsters with the welcome greeting make a cute and totally baby friendly newborn gift alternative !!