Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Swan and her Three Babies

Once more my son Cilllian took a most lovely picture of a Swan and her three cygnets who look almost fully grown on the pond below our house its just so sweet I had to post it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sock Monkey Hip Hop Fluffler

Galway Christmas Market

We all went to the Christmas market in Galway last Thursday and I have to say thoroughly enjoyed the experience despite the fact that it took four hours to get there. As you can see we all got super warm hats from on e of the many stalls and had a tasty lunch which we ate in complete comfort in the beer tent while we listened to German beer songs!, could have stayed there all day. We also had a stroll down shop street where we visited one of my favourite shops Pippa Blue. I hope this market is on again next year as we intend to stay overnight next year.
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pirate Sock Monkey meets Tweed !!

Couldn't resist had to try out some of that Tweed I recently acquired. Considering the cold snap is on the way yet again I had to make sure this guy would be warm .... so I lined his Bandanna with red felt and his arms and tail are made from 100% Donegal tweed sure to keep him warm in any weather. All of the tweed seams are over locked for extra durability and finally he is stuffed with washable polyester fiber. Did I mention despite his Pirating ways he is exceptionally cuddly go figure. The light was not great for the photos might get a few better ones tomorrow.

What shall I call this Pirate Dude ?
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Do you Like Tweed ... yes I LIKE TWEED !

Cindi Graham Donegal Weaver was at the Sligo craft Fair and it was there that I saw, totally wanted in fact needed this tweed bag. So we decided to do a swap I got this beautiful bag and a box load of fantastic tweed samples, just a few of which are pictured above and Cindi got a Humaling. Hmm ... Think I may have got a total deal here. Here is a link where you can find out a little more about Cindi http://www.donegaltours.com/tour.htm Did I say I love the bag I love the bag !!
The box of Cindi's handwoven donegal tweed is destined to become Humalings or maybe something completely different not sure yet. I am looking forward to playing with this material after christmas and a big thanks to Cindi some Blog love comming your way.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Annual Sligo Craft Fair at The Clarion

The Sligo Craft Fair took place at The Clarion on Sat and Sunday last. I totally enjoyed meeting all of the Stall holders and here is just a little glimpse of what was on offer. These are just a sample of some of the great, gorgeous and juicy Sligo made craft items. Will get around to naming all of the makers of this wonderful array of gift items but just needed to get it up for now check back will be adding list of Makers in the next few days. Go the Sligo Makers and Producers !!!
here as promised List of Stall Holders with Links

Pictures of frost and Snow outside our House

This is my first attempt at making a picture collage. My son takes the best photos with his little Sony flip camera and I just had to put them together in a pleasing way some are of the exact spot with frost and snow and the other the exact spot with out frost and snow I really like the contrast. I use the same camera to take photos but they never turn out looking as good as these.