Monday, December 20, 2010

Galway Christmas Market

We all went to the Christmas market in Galway last Thursday and I have to say thoroughly enjoyed the experience despite the fact that it took four hours to get there. As you can see we all got super warm hats from on e of the many stalls and had a tasty lunch which we ate in complete comfort in the beer tent while we listened to German beer songs!, could have stayed there all day. We also had a stroll down shop street where we visited one of my favourite shops Pippa Blue. I hope this market is on again next year as we intend to stay overnight next year.
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  1. From what I can see by your photo montage and what I've heard/read from others who've been to the Galway market, it must've been brilliant, and I wish we could've been a part of it. Perhaps next year - depending on the weather next winter, that is. The winter market at the Dock this past weekend was brilliant, but it took us ages to get there. Well worth it, though.

  2. Your comments are much appreciated. Great to hear the market in the Dock went so well. Bearing in mind it was the first year for the Galway Christmas next year can only be better !!
    Safe driving this winter season.

  3. Hopefully, both the Winter Market at the Dock and the Galway market will become annual traditions to look forward to, both for crafters/vendors as well as for shoppers. Also, I'm hoping that the two markets don't fall on the same day or weekend as each other. That happens to us so many times with Christmas crafts fairs - we always do the Clarion one and we usually do our local one - but there are so many others that we'd like to do or try even just once, but usually fall on the same day or weekend as the ones we always do. What a complaint, though - too many Christmas crafts fairs to choose from! The more, the merrier - that's what I say. Both as a crafter and as a shopper/buyer/enthusiast of all things hand made/hand crafted as opposed to mass-produced junk made out of cheap materials and made with no love whatsoever. Crafting and crafters rock!

    As for driving, thank the kosmos that the snow has finally all melted and the roads are safe to drive on once again. Many cars, though (including ours) suffered because of it (some sort of leak in our cooland/anti-freeze container and a damaged gasket, resulting in the engine overheating and needing repair, which is what prevented us from setting up at the Clarion Gift and Craft Fair that Olga so brilliantly organised.

    Did you go to that fair, by the way? How did it turn out? I'm hoping that even with the awful weather and driving conditions, that people did show up and did support the fair and the crafters. We're looking forward to next year's fairs at the Clarion - it'd be great if there were two again, as there were this year. I really do hope Ulrika continues on, though - she's an excellent organiser.

    I've got lots of new craft ideas floating around in my mind, and can't wait till the new year begins so I can get stuck in to experimenting with different materials and painting techniques and the like.

    All that said, here's wishing you and your family a happy, healthy, hopeful and prosperous 2011, and may it be the best year ever for all crafters, everywhere.