Monday, June 28, 2010

Great Start to Beltra Market

We had our first country market in Beltra hall this Saturday it was a real community effort and ran from 10am to 12Md and was great! There was plenty of yummy baked products, duck and hen eggs, all manner of seasonal veg and plants and crafts. The only problem I forgot my camera but not to worry next one is on Sat 10Th July 10am to 12Md and will not forget camera for this one. There was a great atmosphere and a little place in the back where you could sit have coffee/tea and have a chat.

Went straight home to work on some Linen with a tartan trim Hare egg cosies ! which will be appearing at the next market in the mean time they will be very happy munching on some lettuce in our veg garden.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Woofster companion for Cattitude ! Or is it Dr Woof & Mr Jekyll

Set myself the goal today of bringing woofster to life ... been thinking about the design since I made Cattitude. Here is the result !

Woofster is mainly a sea loving dog but also likes to chill in the garden and loves to travel. Woofster has a truly soft and wild Tibetan sheep's wool fringe. Next on the list ... make quilt to wrap Woofster up in, but will have to wait. Not sure if the Woofster is finished yet.
Well its amazing what a quick break can do ! After dinner Woofster evolved into Dr Woof & Mr Hyde. He has two sides just like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (lovable puppy dog with strange hair or monster like cyclops on the other)actually I am a little confused as to which one was evil .... Googled it ... The answer is Mr Hyde is the evil one ! Thanks to my daughters who are always comming up with great names for my creations.

Vintage cowboy wall hanging and Bonfire night at beach

The train fabric at the centre of this wall hanging has a history ... it is from an old curtain which hung in the family Holiday caravan in Wexford and then was made into pillow cases by a loving mum for her boy to take with him when he left home and now this boy has a son of his own and we used the fabric from that pillow case to make a the wall hanging for his little boys room. And so the story continues !

The Cowboy and train wall hanging is done ! I used a bright orange binding and a bright red/orange variegated thread to quilt in the center you cannot see it very well on the photo light not good today a little overcast. Its amazing how well the fabric survived all these years.
On an entirely different note.
We were on the beach for bonfire night and this is one taken around 10pm with the moon shining brightly in the background.

Cillian is looking very wise with his marshmallow toasting staff of wisdom !

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cattitude Quilts For Aimee and Hallie

The quilts are finished and safely delivered to Grainne at EpicHome. Epichome is a gift shop located in the village square Collooney - stocks rugs, homewear and gifts. Collooney village just 10 min from Sligo town off the N4. If you are on the road don't forget to drop in, not only will you find some of my baby quilts there but lots of other beautiful gifts made by local people as well as a great selection of gifts and rugs from all over. Grainne supports local crafters like myself by stocking our products in her shop thanks Grainne !
Before I dropped them off could'nt resist taking a few shots in the field.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vintage Pillow Case gets Wagon Wheel Treatment !

The feature print is from an old pillow case which holds sentimental value. Terese asked me to make a quilt/Wall hanging for son's Darrach's (hope that's the correct spelling) bedroom using the pillow case. I decided after much musing to frame the vintage trains and cowboy print with a rather large wagon wheel block after all cowboys and wagon wheels sort of go together ! The swirly chocolate brown print on ivory frames the whole block nicely. Hope they like it. I still have to sew the middle piece to the rest of the top not sure whether to piece it or applique the center. Overall its going to be 35 inches square approx. Yeehaw!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Life of a Garden ..... What a difference a month makes!

Last month there was hardly any evidence of growth in our kitchen garden now we are enjoying salad straight from garden to table ! and the herbaceous border is coming into full bloom.
We have also acquired a animal welfare rescue dog and both apples and herself are getting along famously. We have christened her Jaffa (now we have apples and oranges).
Oh and Apples and Jaffa just love a good BBQ !