Thursday, June 24, 2010

Woofster companion for Cattitude ! Or is it Dr Woof & Mr Jekyll

Set myself the goal today of bringing woofster to life ... been thinking about the design since I made Cattitude. Here is the result !

Woofster is mainly a sea loving dog but also likes to chill in the garden and loves to travel. Woofster has a truly soft and wild Tibetan sheep's wool fringe. Next on the list ... make quilt to wrap Woofster up in, but will have to wait. Not sure if the Woofster is finished yet.
Well its amazing what a quick break can do ! After dinner Woofster evolved into Dr Woof & Mr Hyde. He has two sides just like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (lovable puppy dog with strange hair or monster like cyclops on the other)actually I am a little confused as to which one was evil .... Googled it ... The answer is Mr Hyde is the evil one ! Thanks to my daughters who are always comming up with great names for my creations.

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