Saturday, May 29, 2010

Meet Cattitude !

This is a child's quilt I have been working on and yes you guessed its called Cattitude (cat with attitude ). The back round is a pastel blue polka dot and foxes, pigs, and birds peep out unexpectedly from the scrappy pieced blocks.

The orange Cattitude below is the proto type for the matching soft toy.

I think a stripy binding might set the whole thing off nicely.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The back of the sunshine quilt !

The top photo is of the back I used the trust yourself and see what happens method ! The bottom picture shows the quilting. I quilted quite heavily to give plenty of dimension and chose horizontal lines about an inch apart to compliment the brick wall type piecing . I tried to hang it up higher in the branches to show off the stone wall behind but it was just a branch too far for me! Now that its completed i realise that i haven't thought about a name, a few that come to mind Sunshine, Naimh Chinn óir or Becosh !

Translation of becosh its a combination of because, cute and posh and the meaning: because you are cute and a little bit posh. ! I'm liking Becosh. Ciara came up with this ... go Ciara ! super maker uper of fun words.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Riley Blake fabric Quilt Its done !!

I have been making this quilt for over a month and managed to finish this today yahoo!!! Ready to be posted tomorrow. This was the biggest quilt I have ever quilted myself (80 inches x 61 inches). Love the colours of the Riley Blake fabrics theres pink polka dot and a red roster print for the border. Purchased the border at The Limerick Quilt Center Mave was very helpful and her shop is a real aladdin's cave of fabric 3,000 bolts of fabric to choose from. Will definately be visiting again. Would love to hang onto it for another while but time waits for no quilter and its off to Limerick a gift to Celebrate Niamhs 21st. Happy birthday !!! Hope you get many years of enjoyment, fun and comfort from this quilt.
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happiness goes to a Holy Communion

This happiness in the Heart doll is going to Sophie's Holy Communion she is all excited and dressed in her best. She has an organza and linen dress trimmed with lace and pink polka dot ribbon and is wearing boots with a pink rose embroidered motif. This Happiness in the heart is a Sligo girl through and through so much so she has decorated her hair with shells ! The Irish name for Sligo is Sligeach (literal translation shelly place). I guess we could call her Shelly for short. Hope she has a great day
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Friday, May 14, 2010

The top is almost there !

Finally the top is pieced I feel like doing a little dance ... make a little .... have fun tonight ! Its a lot bigger than I initally planned but what can i say it just grew!! It is on a king size bed in the photo. I have a large green print in mind for the borders but need to check in with the person I am making it for to make sure they are happy with the result so far and just check their colour preferences. All going well I will be quilting this baby next week
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happiness in the Heart Emo style

This happiness in the heart Emo style takes to the outdoors with her ipod. Had a request to make an Emo style doll the essential elements i needed to include were black hair with fringe over one eye, dark clothing and a dark nature. Well did the hair, eyes, clothes as requested but despite my best efforts to go dark in nature the happiness shone through!!! Shine on Happiness in the Heart!!! I guess the Happiness is irrepressible. Happy to report that this Happiness has found a home in Leitrim and has been named Sakura (Japanese for cherry blossom) and her nick name is Cherry.
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Quilt is gift ready !!

This quilt is gift ready it comes in a organic cotton fair trade bag with a co-ordinating fortune cookie tag. Have been experimenting with ways of gift wrapping my baby quilts and this is the result. This one has a personalised message for the recipient printed onto a fabric label and sewn onto the back. Everything used to package this gift can be used again and again. The sturdy cotton bag a fair trade cotton bag made in India- as a shopping bag and the fabric fortune cookie made from scraps by myself - make your own message and leave calorie guilt free !!! messages for that special person. Thank you Jackie hope Maeve has many cuddly moments with her quilt.Posted by Picasa

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kitchen Garden beds and Scrappy Business Cards

Decided to use up my tiny tiny scraps in a busines card printed text on calico added polka dot back and a little scrap of fabric for added colour. Hey Presto ! bespoke business cards.

After chatting with my brother Pat yesterday I decided to post a photo of our kitchen garden a work in progress ! I cannot take any credit for this its all down to my significant other with a little help from my three garden friendly kids, looking good ! So far there are stawberries. lettuce, rocket, parsely, chives, onions, spuds, rurbarb planted and the list goes on. All we have to do now is wait for the bountyful harvest! Eat your heart out Pat Sligo kitchen gardens rock!! (just a little friendly sibling rivalry :)

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