Friday, May 14, 2010

The top is almost there !

Finally the top is pieced I feel like doing a little dance ... make a little .... have fun tonight ! Its a lot bigger than I initally planned but what can i say it just grew!! It is on a king size bed in the photo. I have a large green print in mind for the borders but need to check in with the person I am making it for to make sure they are happy with the result so far and just check their colour preferences. All going well I will be quilting this baby next week
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  1. Wowee, that's a lovely quilt! Love the colours. My quilts always end up big too, I'm just not very sensible - and then I am absolutely rubbish at finishing them. I end up getting my mother to do the quilting...! Bad, bad woman aren't I.
    I love it - great job!
    x x x

  2. You Lucky woman! and bad woman! at the same time. Are'nt Mothers just the best. My Mum is not a quilter but when I opened my etsy shop she sent me a good luck card with a present inside!!! Hopefully I will finish this in the next 2 weeks
    Glad you like the quilt

    Thanks heaps! xox Breda

  3. hey i love the quilt! I find sizinf ultra hard as inadvertedly they always end up smaller or larger huh? am not v good at being accurate! how do you get on on Etsy? and do you use Folksy at all? fairly new and just starting out, lots of questions I want to ask you! x

  4. Thanks ! Just taking it one step at a time myself. Joining Etsy is not difficult at all. First of all I signed on with curlyrip as username and bought stuff .... warning do not stay too long in this phase may adversly affect cash reserves! Next registered as a seller. I already had account with paypal so setting up the shop was relatatively easy. Preperation is everything! Ps i spent several months procrastinating before I finally did it !

  5. Hi Breda

    How your page has grown, just like your garden.This is really a work of Art.What amazing work you are doing.