Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vintage cowboy wall hanging and Bonfire night at beach

The train fabric at the centre of this wall hanging has a history ... it is from an old curtain which hung in the family Holiday caravan in Wexford and then was made into pillow cases by a loving mum for her boy to take with him when he left home and now this boy has a son of his own and we used the fabric from that pillow case to make a the wall hanging for his little boys room. And so the story continues !

The Cowboy and train wall hanging is done ! I used a bright orange binding and a bright red/orange variegated thread to quilt in the center you cannot see it very well on the photo light not good today a little overcast. Its amazing how well the fabric survived all these years.
On an entirely different note.
We were on the beach for bonfire night and this is one taken around 10pm with the moon shining brightly in the background.

Cillian is looking very wise with his marshmallow toasting staff of wisdom !

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