Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Humaling line up in Garden

Yes their feet have touched the ground and the values are ...... Resolve for the one with a snowflake button on its hat and Liberty for the other with the cheeky monkey hat.

What a great day ! Sunshine all the way. Had to take these out in the garden. There are two new Humalings in the line up created today. The brown swirly Humalings could easily be brother and sister. Guess which one is the boy and which a girl. Even though the sunshine is super there is still a nip in the air so its hats all round for our newly created Humalings. One is sporting super cuddly fleece chocolate brown wings and the other has wings made of cotton batting and fun pink polka dot. So the final line up is Optimism, Team Spirit, Joy, Resolve and Liberty !

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