Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happiness Sitting Boots & Humaling

Where is the year going ! Cannot believe another month has passed and a new one arrived since my last post. Happiness has boots ... due to the arrival of extra thick felt recently I was able to make boots for happiness with little rabbit detail on the toes. Also a matching Humaling - Team Spirit. Next on my list of things to do has to be tidy up my work area its gone to hell !! Took some photos but am too ashamed to post them at present will save them for a before and after a mega tidy up post on my work space ... Coming soon !! The chocolate brown Humaling Optimism looks like it would be right at home in the woods and has a little crochet heart on the wings, which also can be used as a pocket .. write a sweet thought and keep it there or put a little chocolate heart in there as a sweet treat yum!!

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