Friday, February 18, 2011

Finishing Friday

This week has been one of swine flu and sewing blocks upside down  !  maybe confusion is one of he symptoms would not be surprised because this flu just about covers everything !! ... headaches, pain in body, vomiting,coughing, swinging temps etc etc.  Happy to report family on the mend. 

This is a matching teddy crazy hug for a quilt I made last year has been on the to do list quite a while now. 

Had a little experiment with using mainly solids with a focus print Alexander Henry's traffic jam print to be precise.  Fresh modern quilting for me is about colours, doing more with less and improvised piecing.  This is a quickly pieced pattern and mainly I wanted to play with colour in a way that is different for me there are 3 tones of blue with another 2 colours and a focus print there are 6 different fabrics.  Above are the sashings in different arrangements two have colours that are the same touching and one none of the colours touch.  Can you spot he difference ?  Also luckily noticed had sewn one of the car blocks upside down !

The arrangement with no colours touching won out in the end  and above is the finished item !

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