Friday, March 4, 2011

Finishing Friday say hello to the green spotted sock monkey !

This was a busy week.  Meet with a lovely group of women who all want to make a quankie so this Monday will be starting the process .... with our first 2 hour workshop.  In the mean time another sock monkey has evolved ... this guy is totally infant friendly with super cuddly apple green arms, tail and wool mix eyes embroidered in turquoise blue cotton thread ... just finished in time for Friday Yay !! How about that blue sky it really charges my battery ... its off to the cutting table for me to prepare quilt kits and the necessary materials for workshop on Monday ... may have to go outside and gaze at the sky several times to keep the energy flowing !!  So if you happen to pass by an spy a woman out standing in her own field that's just me I'm working !!

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