Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finishing Friday on Thursday Squares a lot !

Tomorrow is a training day at the CEIM program for me so Thurs  is my finishing Friday this week if you know what I mean.  This little wonky square eyed toy is called "Squares a lot". I have been mulling over in my head pieced eyes and mouth instead of crochet and felt eyes for the matching quankie soft toy.  Today being finishing Friday on Thursday !! and all this idea had to be finished one way or another. The first step was to piece the eyes.    Once the eyes were made the rest just fell into place.  At first the arms and legs were much longer ... one simple solution later known as tie a knot in it ! The arm and legs were in proportion.  "Squares a lot" fits nicely into the pocket at the back of the Quankie and "Squares a lot" likes nothing better than striking a pose for the camera.  Might make a few adjustments to the design but overall quite pleased with the result.  What do you think ?

The weather is super sunny at the moment have a great weekend here's hoping the sun shines on you where ever you maybe.

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