Monday, March 21, 2011

Workshops Keadue Finished

There was plenty of prep to do Saturday and Sunday last for our final workshop in Keadue today .... below are all the quilts and sock monkeys stacked and ready for the workshop today.

We had a lot to get through to finish our quilt and sock monkey but am delighted to say that the group all got stuck in and we finished every ones quilt and sock monkey today !  Phew it was a lot of work but fun. Luckily Gabrielle my friend was able to come along as an extra pair of hands.  Below are photos of all the participants and their creations.

Happy to say that everyone enjoyed the workshops and are all bonding very well with their monkeys !! ... Two of the women added their own personal twist to the monkey design and added their own crochet eyes and another Lady completely changed the look of her toy by embroidering a face,adding safety eyes and losing the tail .... it looked  just like a little boy/man. Way to go Maureen and Mai !

Thanks to the Manager Julie lady in black ! and all the staff for supplying us with cups of tea and encouragement along the way and a big thanks to all the participants who were a pleasure to work with.

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