Friday, December 4, 2009

Happiness in the heart dolls

These 2 girls are ready to rock at the Christmas market this weekend! Must stop making and start packing and labelling. I gave both of them a scarf to keep them warm - the orange fleece one has cute little angel wings and bells for a festive feel!

Happiness in the heart is a unique handmade cloth doll designed to give you happiness in your heart. When you receive a happiness in the heart doll you think about what makes you happy and name the doll after this thought. The dolls are also great dancers and will entertain you with their ' cough funky moves! These girls are always content being admired as well (gives them an ego boost!). Happiness in the heart are designed for everyone including humans! Happiness in the heart is an original design by yours truly Breda Redfen aka Curlyrip!

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