Sunday, October 11, 2009

Could this be Leitrim's first being space!

This Saturday i whiled away a glorious few hours at Jemima's Cafe and Gifts in Manorhamilton. Perched right in front of the ruins of Manorhamilton Castle it really is an idyllic spot. Three sisters Cerian, Jemima and Harriot have joined forces and opened a cafe, community market space/Gift shop and Art Studio! Jemima runs the Cafe, Cerian the Vintage clothing and gifts and on top of all that Cerian makes clothes! Harriet does the cutest yet edgy mixed media works, a floor to ceiling example is on display downstairs in the cafe. Cerians side of the business is called Little Blue Cottage the web site is under construction The thing I totally enjoyed about the place was the completely relaxed atmosphere: downstairs in the cafe there are comfy couches to chill out on and the stone building oozes charm while upstairs there is Cerian's sewing room and the community market/gift shop space. I have set up a spot in the community market space and have my quilts on display and if you fossick around downstairs you will find a few of my "Happiness in the heart" dolls and a Quankie on display. While I was there people floated in and out with children, without children some for a chat, some to lend a hand, try on clothes and others to eat or simply have a look. It has all the ingredients of a being space not just a cafe. Photos to come. I will be there next Friday from midday till 2pm so if you want to met your maker! oops the maker, I am a maker and I'll be there soaking up the atmosphere!

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