Monday, November 30, 2009

To Market To Market Christmas Cards

This is a selection of some of the christmas cards I have been making in preperation for Christmas Market in The Clarion Hotel in Sligo 12-6pm 5th and 6th December. Busily making other items hopefully will have ready in time for this weekend!

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  1. These are lovely!! I have a gorgeous quilting book for you (The Quilts of Indiana) that I picked up at a garage sale for you and will send back with Maura and Becca after xmas.
    good luck at clarion...

  2. Thanks soooo much will look forward to a good read in the new year. We are reading the girl with the dragon tatoo these days at book club. Will try again to post on your blog for some reason it did not go the last time so much to learn so little time! Seasons Greetings!