Tuesday, September 8, 2009

finished Doll today!

Enjoyed bringing this doll to completion. The feather keep your shoulders warm wrap (shrug! not sure what its called) really does the trick it was part of a little shawl my youngest enjoyed wearing and has grown out of repurposed! is the the correct term i believe.

Made a few more of these dolls and the name has arrived! I have decided to call them "Happiness in the Heart" as i was making them, could not help but fell happy each time one came together.


  1. Hi Breda, Tracie here, have to say I like all the dolls but this one is my favourite she looks like shes ready to be taken out to lunch and then shopping. My kind of girl.

  2. Hey Tracie! Thanks for dropping by. Likes to shop and lunch how can I translate this sentiment into a suitable name now theres food for thought should keep me busy for a while.