Thursday, August 26, 2010

How to wrap a Quilt

When I finish a quilt I am always at a loss as how to store them in a space saving yet pleasing to the eye way ... Quilt roll to the rescue !! and its simple and easy two of my favourite things !

Using fabric and batting left over from making the quilt make a band with an elastic loop at one end and a button on the other.

In the pictures I used 2.5 inch wide binding scrap so the bands are 2 inches wide when finished.

Make quilt sandwich 2 inches to 3inches wide approx 8 inches long (length depends on rotundness of quilt roll !) insert the elastic loop at this time sew all around leaving top open for turning out the right way. Turn out right way and stitch the opening closed add button and you are done or if you are feeling very creative quilt the band.

Roll quilt in a pleasing way I like the little crochet heart detail on display and fasten band around quilt roll to keep it all rolled up nicely for display or storage or attach a sock cat ! for extra cuddle value. I love the way the rolled up end looks delicious like a sweet, but then that's just me. Above are some photos of how my quilt in a roll turned out !

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