Monday, August 2, 2010

Dr Woof and Mr Hyde go Gaelic !

Its finished added a few elements to the boys quilt design to get a little Celtic flair going on ! The boat is made from recycled denim jeans with a little embroidery. Dr Woof and Mister Hyde have gone Gaelic ... sailing in a boat and sporting a warriors shield to protect the Irish coast line from all manner of invasion like turtles, strange jelly baby like things and splat like blue plankton !!!. Hope Cathal likes it !


  1. This is amazing B! (I don't know which spelling for your name you By the way, did you know the Goddess that bears your name is the patron Goddess of fire, inspiration and creativity! Fitting, methinks. :D)

  2. Thanks Neumaisse for the comment and info about my name ... are you sure thats right !! The spelling I use is Breda. I'm sure your Goddess is the patron Goddess of kind thoughts :D