Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cathals Quilt & Introducing Humaling Optimism

Been a busy few weeks. Finished 3 quilts Cathal, Fregal and Cattitude. Also you can now see and purchase some of my work at the Leitrim Design house in the Dock Carrick-on- Shannon County Leitrim

The Humaling is finally finished !! have been working on this little doll for over a year now. The biggest sticking point were the boots ..... you see Humalings are human angel things and they have wings to give our thoughts flight and boots to keep us grounded. Making boots that allowed the Humaling to stand was a challenge to say the least but got there in the end and I have to say feeling very pleased with the result.

As soon as The Humaling is grounded in a Human Value ie stamped on the sole of the boot, they are ready to be placed in a jar for safe keeping until they find a home. The blue Humaling is grounded in optimism !

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