Monday, December 12, 2011

A week and a day in the Life of...

Its been over a week since my last post and quite a bit happening there was the launch of The LimeGreen Umbrella a creative collective and the completion of tw o specially commissioned quilts
Lets begin at last Saturday the Launch of the LimeGreen Umbrella it was a great success and a special thanks goes out to all who attended especially Bernie Butler well known local dynamic business woman managing director of Good 4U food company and Forum Chairperson of Fáilte Northwest who officiated the Launch with finesse and enthusiasm Thank you Thank you !!!
  Above is a picture of our creative collective including Bernie  from left to right introducing !! Soraya Ricalde Jeweler,  Anita Mullin Soap maker , Myself Curlyrip Handmade Smiles , Bernie Butler, Olga Mc Carrick Elfewood Furniture, Fiona Stevenson Visual Artist (unfortunately Ethel Mc Veigh Artist our sixth creative collective member could not be there).

 A few more pictures of the Launch at the LimeGreen Umbrella

About that warm spiced apple punch lots of people asked for the recipie here is the link from Allrecipies enjoy !

These two specially commissioned quilts are on their way very special gifts for Jack and Georgia and one more to come for Abby will be ready later this week.  Thank you Eileen for choosing Curlyrip

And finally managed to make 10 more meters of festive bunting which feeling very chuffed about  


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