Friday, January 21, 2011

Its a New Year !!

Its been exactly a month since my last post so onwards and upwards with this new year of 2011.
Whats on my to do List !!! My first priority this year is to work on my etsy shop and follow the advise of the etsy success team. They are running a shop make over item via the etsy success newsletter. My first task was to write a snappy statement which described my products USP in this case the Humaling outlining its unique benefit to a potential customer. I used the uber useful worksheet provided and am very happy with the result:

Humalings are the only handmade free standing doll that have wings to give your thoughts flight and boots to keep you grounded

You too can do this exercise just go to and sign up for the etsy success newsletter and you will get the newsletter with a list of items to makeover your online shop.

Another item is to write a 6 word memoir sounds easy but its difficult. It think a famous writer once wrote something that goes like this ..... I am writing you a long letter because I haven't got the time to write you a short one !! I am on twelve words at the moment and getting it down to 6 is going to be a challenge. Once complete this 6 word memoir will form the first sentence in my shop Bio.

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